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I am Jamie!  I have always been creative and always had a crafting hobby of some sort!  As a little girl I would tell people I wanted to be an artist!  Many years down the road... and after deciding I did not want to be an accountant... even after my years of college and getting that all sought after "degree".... The only thing I ever wanted was to be a MOM....  Shortly after my wonderful husband, Ben and I got married we decided to move to his hometown of Petal, MS so that one day when we had children we would be close to his family!

We made major life-style changes and settled into a more laid back Mississippi lifestyle!  I started selling childrens artwork & woodwork on eBay as a hobby to keep my days busy..  we soon had our first child, a son, Clint... whom we named after Clint Eastwood :)  which is when I got into scrapbooking, rubber stamping, and card making....  a few years later we had our daughter Sandra...  who is name after the famous Sandra Bullock -as it is our last name :)  This is when I began my bow-making!   Going on 6 years now!  We added a 3rd bundle of joy to our lives in 2007....  Gavin :)

Crafting and eBaying over these years has become a major part of my life :)  It is my sanity at times as well as my INsanity at other times! LOL!  Originally all my crafting was to pay off my students loans... (ya know for that accounting career LOL)...  I am happy to say I was able to pay those off Spring of 2010!!!  

I am so thankful for my God given talents!   I am so very grateful to be able to stay home and raise my kids, yet still have a creative outlet!  I wouldn't be able to do any of it without the support of my husband who has embraced my crazy passion(s)!  He has been my wood hauler and cutter, my mailing supplies guy, and above all my greatest supporter!!! 

I also love to sew... mainly for my daughter right now but will offer a small number of items here and there...  One day when the kids get off to school I hope to be able to expand; perhaps into a line of boutique clothing!  

The name "SandraBees" is inspired by my daughter and something I heard many years ago at a Women of Faith conference referencing bumble bees....

So from a serious by the book accountant.... to here... as an artist....  I am SandraBees! Buzzzzzzzzzz!


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